Gene Duncan
Major, U. S.Marine Corps (Retired)


Gene Duncan 
6904 Woodtrail Ct.,
Ft. Wayne, IN  46835
Tel: 260 485 9645
Cell: 660 537 2225

If any of you 1/5 brethren are interested, my books are finally back in print.
Price is $14.95 per book. S/H is $2.50 for one book; $1.50 for each additional book.  Send check or money order. Can't take credit cards.   


"The Birth of Clint McQuade" and "Clint McQuade, USMC."  Two fiction novels, one a sequel to the other, tells of retired MGySgt Joe Dunahey who has the chance to do something we would all like to do -- go back and do it again as a Marine. Joe wakes up one morning with the body he had as a 16 year old. He doesn't go back in time, just in his age. He gets the chance to do all those things he wished he'd done, but this time he has the brain, the experience, and the knowledge denied him in his first boyhood. Picture going back to the Marine Corps as a youngster, but with all the knowledge and experience you have now. You can, through these books.

Green Side Out, Brown Side Out, Run In Circles, Scream and Shout. A saying made up by a Marine expressing the frustration of having to make up a pack with blanket roll (camouflaged, with one side predominately green, the other brown). Having followed instructions, he made up his pack with "green side out" only to have the word changed, resulting in having to do it all over again, "brown side out."
These are the titles of the sea-stories in four books, stories which accurately reflect the Marine Corps from 1950 to 1979, comical, sad, and stories to bring back memories of the older Marines and paint a vivid picture for the newer ones. You'll meet some real characters -- Monk Monaco, Trash Eleven, Russell Wilcox, and many others who served their Corps proudly -- and with a real sense of honor -- and humor.


"Dunk's Almanac -- Old Fashioned Observations for the Modern Military Leader." Quotes -- things Duncan has said and written -- in his almost thirty years as a Marine. This book has gained great popularity with Marines in giving them food for thought in being a Marine leader. The late LtGen Craig, of Pusan Permieter (Korea) and 5th Brigade fame, said in his foreword to the book, "If I had read Dunk's Almanac when I first came into the Marine Corps, I would have been a better Marine."
"Politically Correct. NOT!" Only a limited number of copies remaining. Following Duncan's retirement from the Marine Corps in 1979, he began writing a column for two newspapers in Florida. This book is but one of four books containng Duncan's better articles. The others are no longer in print, and this one will not be reprinted. So that makes this one a bit of a collector's item. Read Duncan's opinionated views, his humor, his ire at current and past systems and policies with which we must contend. Meet his mythical cousin, Lucretia Forbish, whose aim in life is to correct Duncan's heathen ways.