An Hoa Memories

Here are some pictures I thought everyone would enjoy.  An Hoa during the monsoons – Dan Borgman was with Marine Corps MARS They facilitated the short wave/amateur radio operators and long distance operators in the States.  Don't know if you ever used them.  I had the opportunity to use them once on Hill 65 were they set up a temporary station so the guys could call home.

Semper Fi!

Rick Materna

Aerial view of An Hoa sent by Charlie Soard
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ARVN Take Over An Hoa

contributed by Charlie Soard

Dan Borgman





Quote from Mike Galyean

"Good God… I can still feel that mud clinging to my boots, making a sucking sound with every step!!!!"


An Hoa Combat Base – 1969
Headquarters 1st Bn 5th Marine Reg 1st Marine Division.  
Compliments of Charles Soard, C Company 1/5.